A path to Central Asia



After Soviet Union's collapse a new trend started in ex Soviet Republics of Central Asia, looking for new identities and profiles. The course has not yet been concluded, it looks like a non-stop stressing path between the past and the future. Slowly new trials and trends appear in economy, in politics and in cultural landscape in Central Asian and Caucasian Countries.

CEAIH Project cooperates to memory and heritage processes enhancing in Central Asian Republics, whose identity  and development can be improved by joining present , future planning and ancient values rediscovering.

CIRPS Department - Sapienza University of Rome- joining the Italian National Sound Archives and the partner Institutions in Uzbekistan and Central Asia Republics, promotes the CEAIH project, a programme of heritage enhancing starting with some of the main Silk Road Central - Asian cultural sites, such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Ferghana, Khiva. Musical and dance traditions are mainly represented in the website: a journey through richness, attractions and values of diversity. CEAIH website will show that the Silk Road and the Music Road run along a common path through Central Asia. The trade's crossroad was in fact a crossroad of peoples, tribes and cultures. Scholars from Uzbek and Italian Universities and experts from Archives take part to the project, aiming to collect, exchange and network Central Asian heritage's knowledge.




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