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Ceaih Project

CEAIH project represents an interuniversity action plan concerning Central Asian countries , promoting intercultural cooperation and change.

Same area is focused by 2008 UNESCO report too English version (pdf) - Russian version (pdf),as one of the priority targets for sustainable development policies at the dawn of the third millennium. Human and traditional resources are foreseen to be enhanced as a basic source of future wellness implementing.

Cultural, religious and ethnic complexity of peoples, patterns changing in recent years, make it clear that the right time has come to open doors to international, intercultural and interuniversity cooperation with Central Asian countries.

Research and knowledge inputs together with future development perspectives and plans can represent an appeal for local communities to their own identities rediscovering and increasing, appreciating diversity and pluralism.

Through Digital Sound and Video Archives and many joint actions CEAIH project sets an appropriate ground for knowledge sharing  and points out to human and cultural memory scenarios creating, mainly concerning musical traditional and creative languages.

Established on cooperation between Italian and Central Asian Universities and Archives, the project is open to international scholars and experts contributes.

To this purpose the website Open Space is dedicated.

Please send your applications for website participating to:




 Viaggio a Samarcanda  by G. Ruggieri

 La Voix des Ancetres     by F. Léotar