strumento musicale dutarTwo-stringed lute (thereby the persian name du-tar, which means “two strings”) with a peculiar metallic voice. The Dutar is formed by wooden board and neck featuring mobile frets. Its origins come from the nomadic shepherds and that’s the reason why formerly its strings were obtained from animals’ guts. Later, with the establishment of the Silk Road, they were sobstituted by stranded silk. Nowadays are rather used cheapest materials as steel and nylon. Its lenght goes from 1 to 2 mt. Often strucked with a plectrum, the dutar is played to obtain effects such as glissando, vibrato and tremolo. Neck’s lenght compensates the lack of strings, granting to cover a good portion of the musical scale.


Made of: wood (neck and sounding board); gut, silk, nylon and steel (strings)
Lenght:1 – 2 mt.
Played with:plectrum


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Musical instrument dutar