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The Nay (or Ney) is one of the most ancient musical instruments in use in Central Asia. Indeed, it could be related to the Egyptian flute Qusaba, whose origins, accordind to several archeological findings, can be traced up to 3.000 years B.C. The word ney means “reed” in persian, referring to the material of this instrument, namely the “Arundo Donax”, a grass plant which grows in dump zones. The nay is a flute about 60-70 cm lenght featuring 5-7 holes bunched in two groups. It can reach up to 3 octaves. The nay is one of the fovourites instrument of Sufi’s tradition, where it is charged with symbolical and religious values.

Made of: reed (Arundo Donax)
Lenght: 60-70 cm
Played with: breath


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Musical instrument nay